BABY & child

lief! lifestyle always has something special for kids, both big and small. The lief! collection includes original baby shirts, super cute rompers, cheerful dresses, cool jackets, sturdy jeans and cheeky accessories. All of their clothing features the lief! or stoer! logo. lief! also has prams & buggies, accessories for dolls, soft toys and cosmetic products. There is something for everyone!


lief! Fashion Spring/Summer 2019


lief! has a beautiful selection of items for creating a homey atmosphere. The nursery can be decorated from top to bottom with cushions, wallpaper, pajamas and lots more. With lovely patterns, striking colours and cosy little details every house can be transformed into a lief! home.


In addition to all the baby and kids’ items, lief! also has plenty of lifestyle products. From diaries to purses, greeting cards to sunglasses, lief! has got everything you might want. lief! even has gorgeous diaper bags, cheerful backpacks for kids and a wide range of play things including cuddly toys. The variety of lief! lifestyle products surprises everyone!


Take lief! with you on all your outdoor activities. Going for a walk with the buggy, a day out on lief! bicycles or a camping trip abroad ... everything is possible with lief! Brighten up your
garden with a lovely piece of garden furniture or create a cosy atmosphere with pretty lanterns and make everyone feel at home. From bicycle accessories to garden decorations, camp beds to tents, you can find it all at lief!