A Loveable Lifestyle of Color


A colorful world for the entire family – that is what lief! lifestyle is all about. This Dutch label offers a comprehensive product range for babies, children, home accessories, as well as outdoor and garden furniture thus creating a holistic brand experience. Thanks to numerous licensors, the lief! lifestyle segment has relied on strong partnerships and positions itself as an authentic quality brand on the international market.

Baby & Child




lief! lifestyle Shop-in-Shop

Discover the world of lief! lifestyle through their shop-in-shop concept. The lief! brand provides a regimented  product mix that creates a beautiful flow of items that will keep customers engaged and throughout the seasons.

Each product category of lief! lifestyle is represented in their Shop-in-Shop concept and features a branded look with custom furniture and fixtures, supporting media, and product training to make lief! lifestyle an unforgettable experience.

Watch the lief! lifestyle Corporate Video.